Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Where did I go?

In the spring of 2012 I dropped off the map. Where did I go. First, my father, who had been having major helath problems, got worse. He contracted pneumonia, and we ended up moving him to a nursing facility. He never really improved, and passed away a few months later. In that same time period, my work as a freelance consultant in instructional design increased tremendously. I also moved to a new home, while still trying to sell my bed and breakfast. I continued managing the B&B until the end of 2012, and sold it the following spring.

My plate was full. Then 2013 came along, and I suffered a major break to my leg. A summer of physical therapy, the continuing growth of my consulting work, and the continuing care of my mother has left me with very little time. Except for the broken leg, it has been a very fulfilling year. I love my work, but starting a business is time consuming, and I just cannot have my focus spread in too many directions.

Yes, I still have fibro, but when life is treating you well, it is amazing how much less of an effect it has. I want to complete this book, but I need to focus on my business first. So I have not lost interest, I just need to regroup.